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Very nice.

Very nice app for creating list and, marking it down.

Would like a way to save a lists order

I’ve got routines that I follow and I use Ita to keep track of what I’ve done. These routines are usually carried out in a specific order, but sometimes I’m forced to do some items out of order. I would like a way to stop “completed” items from being moved to the bottom of the list.


I used this for years, and loved it for It’s simplicity. Today it stopped working altogether. I lost all my lists. I suspect that this may have something to do with new versions of iOS, which I’m beginning to loathe as much as I loathe Windows.

Visually appealing, glitches

I like the layout, the simplicity, and the easy way of reorganizing items within a list. However, there are some problems. When I start a list it won't allow me to immediately add items; I have to go back to the home page and start from there. And sometimes it won't accept a list entry and I have to start over. I keep using the app though because for me the positives outweigh the negatives. This app used to work more fluidly, and I hope the creators update it.

Very Practical List Making

Intuitive and very simple to use list making app. Rearranging, editing, deleting or expanding an item to a fully realized thought is painless. I'm surprised I wasn't charged for it. I use it to keep a mini database of song titles.

Used to be very nice, but back up your lists...

Until it's fixed, this looks good but is frustrating on iOS 9 & iOS 10. It often drops input while you're in the middle of typing. Which is sad, because I like it a lot otherwise. A search function would be nice, but I feel that this app has been abandoned. This may not be the fanciest list management software, but it is extremely simple to use and provides the basics. It's fairly intuitive, and definitely easy to learn. I find it useful for a number of tasks, including grocery lists, books I wish to purchase, movies I am considering renting, etc. There are probably apps for each of these which are more focused, but I prefer having a single place to go and not having to learn new commands or gestures for each. There is no advertising, which is important to me. However, I've had at least two updates of this software erase all of my lists. (In one case, I was able to recover them using a tool to browse the iPhone filesystem.) Perhaps there is an iCloud bug involved — I don't know, one way or the other — but I am hesitant to trust the application across updates at this point. In a recent instance, I updated the app on my iPhone and it showed no lists. Luckily, the un-updated app on my iPad still showed all of them (and the developers promptly pulled the buggy update and released a fix shortly thereafter). Before you update, and probably periodically, use the Share function to back up your lists!

Love it

I love this simple little app enough to live with its bug until it is fixed. But, please, please fix the bug that makes additions to my lists or the lists themselves disappear!

Easy app

I have used this app for a long time. It is the easiest to use. I use it mainly for grocery shopping and I don't like the others out there. It has one problem. I've dealt with this starting several updates ago. Not sure if it is Apples or the apps itself. I go to type something in and suddenly the keyboard goes away and what ever I was typing is gone and I have to start over. I really wish the developers would fix this. I see several people have the same issue but I assume they don't read reviews of their own apps.

Don't bother

Hardly use this app any longer because it randomly closes out a note I'm in the process of writing. This is not an occasional occurrence. It happens almost every time I use the app. Back to Apple notes for me.


Love this APP!!! 💟

Reusable checklists

Two taps to reset a checklist. Simplest method for this I've used. Thanks:) The entry glitch also happens to me sometimes, too. Even so, this app is fast, simple, flexible and handsome.

Almost perfect

I love Ita for its simplicity, and have been using it for years. That doesn't happen with every app. There is still a slight glitch, it seems lessened with my update to IOS9, but still there on and off. When I try to input an item, especially one with more words, it frequently disappears while I'm still writing, making me start over. Then it does it again, then again. I finally give up and write it in Notes, then cut and paste into Ita. I have an iPhone 5. I hope you fix it, because I want to use Ita for the rest of my days. :)

Easy to use

Intuitive and effective. Great app

Done. Lost all my lists.

Updated and now all my lists are gone. What a waste of my time. Another good app gone to crap.

Updated and lost all my lists

Sent two emails about the above with no response - nice!!

What Happened?

What happened to this app? When it came out, it was amazing. Had a snafu after the iCloud Drive upgrade where some lists were lost, and took some time away from it. Came back to a buggy mess. Seriously - a buggy hot mess. So many issues I don't even know where to begin. Eh, I know - Delete the app and just go back to the stock Apple Notes app. Yeah. Sorry, not sorry. Bye.

Good app but

In ios 9.0 there are no any lists ( ita says that icloud is off, but it is on. I cant turn it on in ita settings. Please, fix it!

Won't sync

Cannot get this app to sync between iPad and iPhone...

A simple list app, extremely easy to use

Many heavily featured list apps sound great on paper but are just a little too complicated so you end up not using the app. ITA has only the features I need and nothing more. It feels natural and effortless and is the one I turn to for simple list making.

Finally, a list app I can use

I tried Ita a while ago, and didn't like it much. So I've been getting by with a couple of other apps. Then, because I was tired of entering things into two or three apps, I tried Ita again. Now I find that it does meet most of my needs, which, for lists, are very simple. Now I have the fun of moving everything from Clear and Reminders over to Ita!

Doesn't work with iPad

I am giving this app only 1 star, because it doesn't work with the iPad. I have two iPads and it won't work with either one of them. Although it does work with my iPhone 6 plus . It used to work fine until they done an update, now it won't work at all. I have emailed customer support 2 time and they won't email me back.


I bought this less than five minutes ago and this has crashed three times in trying to make my first two lists. Looks great, love the simplicity, but I have no use for something that crashes every 30 seconds. This is a purchased app - this needs a fix asap.

A good-looking, simple list manager, early in its life

Barebones features and design, simple and clear UX, sharp copy in the documentation. Force quits sometimes on start and there are some beta-like interactions but lots of promise. It's an app with a bit of personality as well, which I hope the devs don't lose

Use to love it...

...but now that it crashes all the time and the whole "disappearing act" with the lists - it's time to find something better. I also miss the old icon.


Loses my list since update

Lost Lists

This app was one of my favorites. It's the fastest way to create reusable lists. I even like the new look. The bad news: The latest update deleted all of my lists. I can no longer trust this app.

Making a list, checking it twice

Atom icon aside, the app has been designed well for one task: making lists. Not sure there's anything else to say.

Loses Lists

Lists just disappear. Had 2 lists on Iphone few days back. Called up one of those, it showed up for just a moment, then went away. Thought maybe I had done something wrong, but the same thing happened to me a few minutes ago. Called up a shopping list, it appeared, then within seconds it was gone for good. App is a piece of junk.

Nice while it lasted.

I liked this app at first, but after had it for a while, I updated to iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. Also iOS updated. I lost all old notes and other entries, have twice written support with no response.

Upgrade takes ITA from Hero to ZERO!

The ratings won't let me do a minus star. I have used this app for years and recommended it to many. This recent upgrade did not synch my list library when I upgraded my phone. It also wiped out the lists from iCloud. I finally added the list back manually. The app continues to delete any and all efforts to use it for its intended purpose... Lists! Moving to a new app... any suggestions?

Simple & useful

Love the simplicity to get things listed and the different functionalities available. Great work! Thanks

Not bad!

Nice app

"Ate" all my lists

My valuable (to me) lists just disappeared. I'm NOT a happy camper...

Lists have vanished

I updated my phone to iOS 8 and all my lists have vanished. They reappeared momentarily and then completely disappeared. I am waiting for a reply from support but am not hopeful. UPDATE: It is now November 9 and I have still not heard back from the developers even after reaching out to them across multiple channels. I can not in good faith recommend this app to anyone. I have lost several years's worth of lists thanks to Ita.

Used to love it

I used to love this app and then it updated and ALL my lists are gone. There doesn't seem to be any way to get them back. They are gone on all my devices. I started over from scratch and a week or so later those disappeared as well, so I'm done using the app until they fix this. Not happy.

sluggish and ugly after update

This used to be my list app. The last update turned it into the slowest app on my device - I have to wait for the letters to show up when I type! Also I find the new design boring and ugly but that's just personal preference; I would live with it if the app did actually work like we were in 2014 and not 2008. I have transferred all my lists to another app and don't use it anymore. Way to turn an excellent app to garbage...

What happened?!?!

This app used to be my all time favorite, but although I have reached out to their support team three times in the past four days, I must conclude the have fallen by the wayside. I had cultivated for the past three years at least eight working lists synced across multiple devices , and suddenly - BOOM - they are all gone. I tried recreating them again and 4 of them are gone again. Sorry ITA you went from hero to zero in 48 hours.

Wiped all lists

There appears to be an incompatibility with the iCloud. A list created on the iPad failed to show on the iPhone. Going back to the iPad found the list items but not actual list. Then it crashed and only the default lists remained on either device.

Lists are gone

Loved this app until it updated and I lost all of my lists!!

Update erases apps charm and identity

The update for this app has removed the endearing charm of the original app I purchased and in its place given me a drab and sterile grey white and red color palette with all the personality of a dentists office. The app is functional but with an ocean of alternatives to choose from FORM is equally as important. Will no longer recommend to friends and colleagues while current design remains.

Great list app

Update. Loved it until I got my iPhone 6. Now all my lists are gone and I can't find any way to get them back. They appeared momentarily although they were all blank but alas now they are gone. Time will tell if they're gone for good. Currently very frustrated.

Great app

Simple to use and does what I want and need. Easy to share and transfer.

Exactly What I Needed

I couldn't be more pleased with this app. The layout is easy to use. I am a frequent list maker which can create clutter. This app makes it easy to keep my lists organized and accessible.

Impressive so far

I use the app as a project workflow tracker. It's pretty good for that purpose. I haven't used it for more than a few at a time, so not sure how easy it would be to use on a macro-management level.

Finally fast

I have used this app for a while, since I loved the functionality, but I've never been entirely satisfied with it. Just tried it for the first time after the update, and what a difference. The massive lag after switching to the app is gone, and it's finally as snappy and responsive as it deserves to be. Admittedly, I do prefer the old appearance, but I love the functionality.

Fast, flexible, friendly

I use several apps for making lists and To-Do items. This is one of my favorites as noted in title

Simple, effective

This app is a simple and effective list maker, that has the flexibility to keep list turning over when things are done.

Drab Design, wish I could revert

Update: Was very excited to see an update for this app... But alas, still no option to revert to old appearance. PLEASE fix!!! Please bring back, or add an option to revert to the old design. The plain white is inferior to the unique tan, which helped me quickly know which app I had open.

Don't like the new look

The previous version had a cool look that I really enjoyed. Now it's flat and black, white, and red with a huge font that I don't like at all. Why the dramatic change and the complete lack of customization options? Please bring back some of the feel of the old version because the updated look is awfully sterile and odd.

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